We got the idea to

buy a big red firetruck, install a dj setup, a soundsystem and some light on it and start touring through europe to organize joyful parties and dancefloors.

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is fully set-up with high-end eqipment, a powerful PA, atmospheric decoration and ready to start the party everywhere and anytime it fits. Groovy vibes carried by ecstatic highbrow music. Our resident DJs are Paavo & Lauter and Lenni, focusing on House, Deep House, Disco, Funk and Soul, Vinyl only. Gaining experience in making Parties and Djing over the past five years, we know how to setup a nice atmosphere. The HOODOOMOBIL is a labour of love.


Standard PA: RCF Art310a, jb-sub112h

Big PA

db Technologies fl-218


Rane MP/XP 2016, Technics 1210 mk2